Dresden Files
Cooperative Card Game
A Game by
Eric B. Vogel
Based on the Series by
Jim Butcher

What is This?

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game (DFCO) is a tense, strategic co-op card game based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels. This is the home of the electronic edition of DFCO, developed by Hidden Achievement, for computers and mobile devices. If you came here looking for the tabletop edition, you can find out more at the official DFCO page at Evil Hat Productions.

About the Game

In the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, players take on the roles of Harry Dresden and his friends, teaming up to solve cases from the Dresden Files novels.

Each player plays a character from the novels (one of them is always Harry), taking on a shuffled scenario deck based on one of the books in the series. Using a combination of cards, dice, and teamwork, players attack foes, investigate cases, take advantages, and overcome obstacles to make sure they have the best possible odds for a win in the final showdown at the end of the book! Like any good cooperative game, it's hard to win (no fun if there's no challenge!), but always rewarding to play, and scales smoothly from one to five players.

Play Modes

  1. Solitaire — Play three player-decks by yourself. Follows the special 1-Player Rules from the tabletop game.
  2. Hotseat (Pass-and-Play) — 2-5 players take turns playing on the same device.
  3. LAN Multiplayer — 2-5 players play over a local network.
  4. Direct Connect Multiplayer — 2-5 players play over a direct connection to a host machine, using the host's IP address and port.
  5. Online Multiplayer (Coming in 2018!) — Players connect to our servers to play with others.

Two-player games use the special 2-Player Rules from the tabletop game. (Each player plays two characters!)

Base Character Decks

Harry Dresden
Karrin Murphy
Susan Rodriguez
Michael Carpenter
Billy & Georgia

Base Book Decks

Storm Front
Fool Moon
Grave Peril
Summer Knight
Death Masks
Side Jobs


Expansion 1 — Fan Favorites

Character Decks

Thomas Raith
Waldo Butters

Book Decks

Blood Rites
Dead Beat

Bonus Cards

  • 5 new cards for Side Jobs

Expansion 2 — Helping Hands

Character Decks

Molly Carpenter

Book Decks

Proven Guilty
White Night

Bonus Cards

  • 5 new cards for Side Jobs

Expansion 3 — Wardens Attack

Character Decks

Carlos Ramirez
Anastasia Luccio

Book Decks

Small Favor
Turn Coat

Bonus Cards

  • 5 new cards for Side Jobs

Mouse & Variants

Character Decks



  • 2 Variant Cards for Harry
  • 3 Variant Cards for Susan

Bonus Cards

  • 1 new card for Side Jobs



Official Trailer

Alpha Gameplay Video 2 (June 7, 2017)


Hidden Achievement

Programming and UI

Tess Snider and Jason Maltzen

Sound Effects

Nathaniel Chambers and Bonnie Bogovich

Ambient Audio

Wes Otis, Plate Mail Games


Sculpin QA

Evil Hat

Game Design

Eric B. Vogel


Tyler Walpole and Christian McGrath

Graphic Design

Fred Hicks

Based on the Dresden Files book series by Jim Butcher.

Where to get the game

The App

Where to Buy:

Store Platforms Available
Steam Windows, Mac October 31, 2017
Mac App Store Mac October 31, 2017
App Store iOS Coming Soon!
Google Play Store Android Coming Soon!
Amazon Appstore Kindle Coming Soon!

The Tabletop Game

If you're interested in the tabletop edition of the game, you can learn more about it at Evil Hat's page for DFCO. If you are interested in buying it, you can find it for sale in the Evil Hat Store. Alternatively, you can check your Friendly Local Gaming Store!


When will the game be available?

See the Where to Get the Game section, above, for availability.

I was a Kickstarter backer for the tabletop game. Will there be more goodies for me?

Yes, absolutely! As promised by Evil Hat, any backer who buys the app will get free access to all of the expansion packs and variant cards that were directly unlocked by the Kickstarter stretch goals. As soon as Hidden Achievement's account system is live, Evil Hat will send you an unlock code, so you can enable the expansions.

What platforms will be supported?

See the Where to Get the Game section, above, for platforms.

Will the game be localized to any other languages?

We are currently assessing which languages will get translations (since it costs money, obviously). Currently, German is at the top of our list.

I have an idea for a feature!

We have a board for that in our forums. Feel free to drop by and tell us what you think. We keep a customer wishlist in our issue tracker, so we don't lose track of your suggestions. We can't promise we'll get to every item people want, but we're definitely listening.

I found a bug!

We have a board for that in our forums. Alternatively, you can open a ticket in our bug tracker. Bugs are very high priority, so we'd love to hear about whatever you've found!


We have a Tech Support section in our forums. However, you can also contact, if the forums don't seem like the right place for your issue.